Saturday, December 2, 2006

Blogger Bugs

We took the boat out on Friday and got some great pictures of iceberg shapes. They are so wild and sculptural. Unfortunately, I am not able to upload any pictures now for some reason. I'm hoping that some employees of Blogger will show up and fix the problem. I've tried all the things they suggest in their help section like clearing the cache. I have tried from several different computers. It may be working for Art on his computer, so if I get desperate, I'll impersonate him and use his computer. There is no one to call,no one to receive an email.

This is not dissimilar to the problem I had when I first arrived. I sent out hundreds of emails to everyone on my list saying that I would be posting in a day or two. As it turned out it was well over a week. Blogger encouraged me to change to beta.blogger and my blog got stuck for almost a week not functioning. Finally one day it was freed and I posted all the pictures of the Gerlache and Neumayer Straights. I'm patient but we only have 18 more days here at Palmer.

Too bad, too. The weather closed in here on Saturday and it has been raining and snowy. The barometer took a dive to 965 mBars and we are in the middle of some storms coming around Antarctica from the west, plenty of time to sit at the computer and blog.

We have continued to mold the ice pieces, as well. Our technique is getting better, wrapping the berg bits with aluminum foil and locking them in place with some water left to freeze at the bottom. It provides a stable base to work on and keeps any molding silicone from leaking out the bottom. This also eliminates the need to use the thickener which has left voids and bubbles on our surfaces.

We had another cruise ship today, the Sarpik Ittuk, registered in Denmark. The tourists are fine for us; we can ignore them. But for the employees of Palmer Station it can be a chore. They provide tours and refreshments, even if the tourists don't get to see much. They are not allowed in our labs or work spaces or rooms. Palmer policy limites the numbers of tours to two per week. Antarctica is so popular a destination that sometimes there are more than that.

I'll keep working on getting the photos posted. Hopefully they will be up soon. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and enthusiasm.



Blogger Brandy said...

Hi. I dont know what internet browser you use, but sometimes when IE dont work for me I use Firefox and it will upload the pictures for me. Cant wait to see them. You have taken some breathtaking photographs!

12/4/06, 2:11 PM  
Blogger Renegade said...

This is so interesting! Excellent blog! It's nice to get a first-hand account of a place I will probably never see in person!

Please visit Renegade's BS

12/4/06, 2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your images of Antarctica are worth waiting for, I hope you manage to take every opportunity to take more photos in the next 18 days even if we have to wait a bit longer to see them!

12/4/06, 3:32 PM  
Blogger Alto2 said...

It would be fascinating to tour Antarctica, but I can appreciate the toll the "lookyloos" take on the scientific endeavor.

If you lost your WYSIWYG editor, go to your browser's Preferences page and clear the cache. I had the same problem last week and found this solution buried in Blogger help.

12/4/06, 4:38 PM  
Blogger oreneta said...

This has been fantastic to read, and your photos are amazing. Hope the guys at blog free you up soon. If not, please down-load later. Hope your going to post ideas for your work from here, and images of the pieces you create.


12/4/06, 6:05 PM  
Anonymous zippianna said...

Just enjoying the beautiful nature show! Thanks for sharing your adventures, and I hope blogger beta settles down for you. It did, finally, for me. Your pictures are just incredible. We look forward to them whenever they are posted.

12/14/06, 4:45 AM  

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