Friday, December 15, 2006

Between Breaks/Aerobatic Macrofauna - Art Quinn

As you know from David's last post, my extreme age necessitates certain pauses, expecialy after slogging through the long hours demanded by a slavedriver like him! He made me get up to photograph these Chinstrap Penguins. They circled our inflatable, shooting through the water, then bursting up out of the surface. If you inspect the wave above the penguin, you will notice that the left ring is the other penguin's exit spot, the right its entry, even detailing the beak on the far right.

Here are the Chinstraps again, but underwater. In the past some of their jumps have landed them in the boats here at Palmer. They jump out immediately.

It is hard to imagine why they have evolved to breed and waddle around on land considering their expertise in the water. This is a picture of Penguin Heaven, with cloud-like snow.

Across the straits from the Penguins is Elephant Rocks. This is some mega-macro fauna. We happened to be nearby when these two got into it.

The glacier in the background photographed with a closeup through an iceberg recently calved. We got this shot from our Zodiac.

This is detail from the same berg as above, but very close. The inverted triangular piece of ice was about 15" wide at its base.


Blogger slskenyon said...

Remarkable views of wildlife here--and yes, the penguin is an interesting animal given what it has evolved to do--it's swimming capabilities and yet how it manages to move around on land. Your photos are amazing.

12/16/06, 5:49 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

I think that these pictures are breathtaking.

4/28/07, 10:16 PM  

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